Sanctity The Eagle

Jesus and Our Lady:
The Test
ACTS, CHAPTER 5: 29 ... We ought to obey God, rather than men.

"Obedience - The Greatest Test Of All" 810530

Tests of Faith  - Love -heart -obedience -time -trial -patience -perseverance -sanctity -valor - fidelity

"The greatest test of heart is how much you shall give, not how much you will receive. It is only in giving that you shall truly receive the Light. Each man must armor himself with every means of obtaining graces to strengthen his immortal soul." 730318

"You ask, My child, why this is permitted.

It is only but for a short time. Man is being tested. The sheep shall be separated from the goats. Each soul shall be given the test." 751227

"The dark days ahead will be a test for all. It will be like placing the metals in the fire and the separating of the sheep from the goats." 720907

St. Theresa "You will soon be put to test. Do not follow like the sheep into the fires. Your sufferings for the truth will be worth all discomforts of your worldly life, for you will gain an eternity of happiness and joy here in the Kingdom of the Mother of God and all those who He has shared eternity with now." 720928

"You must realize, My children, that the time of the enemy will be short. But his destruction during this period given him by the Eternal Father will afford him the time to gather and separate the sheep. Your world is now being given a test. This cleansing will be in the House of God and the lay souls of earth. I have not come to fill you with fear. I must awaken you to the fact now that your days are counted." 721120

"My tears fall heavily upon a generation that will be tested and brought back to the Father by heavy trial...

Veronica_"Our Lady, I don't know if I should repeat this."
Our Lady says She gives me this choice, and I don't mind repeating it because there might be others who it would help. And Our Lady smiles. So I will repeat it. Our Lady knows that I asked why the work has become so difficult for me, and why so many trials. But Our Lady said this is the great test. That as we gather more souls, satan will send more agents to attack us." 721230

Our Lady--"My Son has planned many surprises, pleasurable surprises, for Our children on earth who are working with Us to outwit the enemy of God. Do not be surprised when you are visited by many personages from the Kingdom. This will be truly the age of revelation to many. I say this to you, My children, with great joy of heart, for the many tribulations ahead shall prove you and test you for your entrance into the Kingdom." 721231

"You will not fully understand the ways of the Father in accomplishing the salvation of many souls of His children. I have stressed many times in the past that all will be tried and tested. Prepare to do full battle with satan. The strength necessary for your mission will be given to you." 730318

"I must caution you; before the return of My Son, many will not stand in the test. They will go the easy road. But there is no easy road to the Kingdom: It is the way of trial and suffering. But, of course, the greatest knowledge is that if you will ask for Our guidance, you will not be lost. Continue, My children, with your prayers of atonement. There are so many who thirst for your charitable prayers." 730530

"There are many throughout the world, your world, that will be given a test. This is a test of faith and love; for many will be asked to give themselves to the Father as victim souls -victims to the merciful heart and love of the Father in repatriation for those souls who offend most the Father." 730608

"Man must not flee from the Houses of My Son. Much evil and corruption have entered into the hearts of many, even in the Houses of My Son. However, it was doomed and deemed for this time to come about, for man to pass through a crucible of suffering, one which is a test. All that is rotten will fall. The sheep will be separated from the goats." 731006

St. Thomas - "Confusion, delusion, misrepresentation. Man must not rewrite under the direction of satan. Pray for the Light. The words of the founding Fathers have always passed the test of time. Novelty in the House of God will bring darkness and open the door for entrance of the evil spirits. Return to the rules. This foolishness is bringing upon you the wrath of the Father." 731124

Our Lady - "Novelty, My child, has been the ruination of many souls. Change! Why does mankind call always for change, My child? Is not the test of time a certain guide for mankind? We do not change to please mankind, but We set ourselves as examples to bring mankind to his God." 740615

"Change! - what need of change when the foundation has stood through the test of time? It is the dissatisfied man, a greedy and lustful man, who seeks change! Does he change to bring man to God! No! He changes to take man from God! - and give him to Lucifer!" 740814

"My children, I could bring before you all who have passed over the veil, all who also stood the test of time and the test of faith. It is sad that I must bring the knowledge to you that many who had started with the greatest of prospects have now soiled their garments. But for the prayers and acts of sacrifice of loving hearts, many of these mitres would fall into hell." 760605

Jesus: "Do not cast aside Tradition for modernism and humanism, for these are the creations of satan! You cannot separate Faith and Tradition, for one stands together with the other to unify My Church. It is the foundation of My House. I gave you the direction that has withstood the test of time, and you, in your arrogance and fallen nature of mankind, have now taken it upon yourselves to change My Church." 761002

Jesus: "My Father's House, His Church, is a house of prayer, meditation and honor to man's God. Therefore, I object as your God to the manner in which you are seeking to change the plan from Heaven and making My House a meeting place, even including in your quest for conversion, heretics, schismatics and satanists. Clergy and the children of earth, I warn you as your God that you will not make any conversions that will stand the test of time by compromising the laws, the rules and the plan of Heaven given to you throughout the ages of earth's time." 790804

Our Lady - "My child, it is a dark day for mankind. Man has failed the test anew. Murder and violence...sin is a way of life in your country and world. How long can I hold back the great cataclysm from upon you? Do not think or go about your daily lives without preparation, for it will come upon you suddenly. I have warned you, I have given you the plan for your salvation, as given to Me by the Father. It is through the merciful Heart of the Father that I have come to these sacred grounds as a Mediatrix between God and man. However, your days are counted. Gather your loved ones. Save your souls and the souls of those you love, for many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption." 740210

Jesus - "Prepare, My children, for the great battle ahead. The forces of evil now will do full battle for control of My House. Know that satan shall not be victorious, but it is in this manner that you will be tested. Persevere, and you shall win your crown." 740318

"Satan has great power, but not above the Father. He knows his time grows short. That is why satan now gives you full battle. Know, My children, that you are approaching the Day of the Father. The time of great sorrows is upon you. You will all be tried and tested. Those who persevere shall join My Kingdom...
"The enemies of My Son will seek to take this great grace from you, so hasten, My children, be with My Son while you can, for the day will come when you will cry bitter tears and have to hide yourselves from your tormentors. For you will be taken before tribunals and set to the test for your Faith." 740406

"Now, My children, you are going through the time of test and trials. All that is rotten will fall. The sheep will be separated from the goats. There will come upon mankind in due time, a great Warning...a great warning of magnitude beyond human comprehension. And then, should you not change your ways, there will come upon mankind one of the greatest chastisements ever seen before nor ever shall be seen again. Skin will dry up and blow off the bones as though it had never been. Many eyes will see and yet not perceive the truth, so much have they blinded themselves to the truth of the Light, turning away from their God and giving themselves to the morals of a world that has now turned to satan." 740413

"You will find, My child, many who will turn from you as the thorns become more numerous. However, know that We have gathered Our own about you, those who are destined to come to the victorious climax and the establishment of the Kingdom of the Father upon your earth. Persevere, wear your sacramentals; guard the souls of those you love; keep the Faith in the hearts of those you love. You cannot have the world, your world on earth, and the Kingdom of Heaven. Know, My child, that you will undergo great persecution, persecution from your own. You will understand, My child, in time that the Father sets a great test upon those He has chosen for special missions." 740522

Test of trial
Jesus - "My child, at this time there is not much that I can think of that will explain to you in your human language the despair that fills Our hearts in Heaven. The numbers of souls falling daily into hell is - are increasing because of the lack of discipline and faults of leadership in My House. You will not follow the ways of man, but you will bring man onto My road.
When you have joined My House with the world and it has become one, know that the end of your era has come. You are going to receive the test of trial; in this manner shall We separate the sheep from the goats and those that will be left shall set up the renewed Kingdom upon your earth. My Mother has been sent on this mission by the Father to warn you, then to prepare you for what lies ahead if you refuse to turn back from the ways that have set you onto the path of darkness.
The forces of evil are rampant now within My House and in the hearts of men. Unless you turn back now, make atonement to the Father for the many offenses against Him, you will receive the sword. I cannot caution you enough to heed the Message of My Mother given to you in the past. Do not take Her words idly. My Mother has come as a Mediatrix by permission of the Father to intercede for an extension of mercy to you. However, the heart of Heaven are being torn by numberless thorns inflicted by an ungrateful generation. How long do you think We will allow the murders and the abominations to continue? This warning has been given in countless places through many voices chosen as messengers by the Father." 740530

"Prepare yourself, My child, for a great test. There is no reason to fear, for the Father will turn all evil to good." 740701

"Remember the sacramentals, they were given to you for reason. Once you leave your homes - your homes are fortified by your statues, monuments to your God - but when your children close the doors behind them, they meet with Satan! They will pass the test if they receive a firm foundation of truth from their homes and their pastors, teachers, who are truly in the Light." 740928

"The world is in deep darkness. There is great test of Faith now. The sheep shall be separated from the goats." 741006

Jesus - "Listen, My child, to this direction. It will not be long before My Mother will use few words. The Message will be given in its entirety to the world. This Message will be spread throughout the world, joined by many seers in many places. When the world has been covered, all will be placed to the test. Know that there will be sent upon mankind a Warning of great proportion, and then should this go unheeded you will receive a great Chastisement. All who are of well spirit, will have no need to fear, for all will be good for those of well spirit. Do not cast aside the graces needed for your redemption. My Mother will remain at your side during the days of trial. All will be given in judgment according to their merit. None will fall into the abyss unless of his own free will. It is the will of the Father that none be lost to satan. Wear your sacramentals and keep in mind the direction of My Mother, for She has been sent to you as a Mediatrix. Do not take Her words idly, for She has given you the Light of truth." 741123.......

Jesus - "You must understand, My child, that there is a test for obedience in the plan from Heaven. My Mother is standing as Guardian over Her flowers, My child. As a voice - box for Heaven your obedience is often tested, My child. It is well that you did not disregard the message in photograph given to you this evening." 750507

"Your journey upon earth is but of a short time for all. Every man shall be tested. The work of God the Father is eternal and will go throughout the world; and sadly, My child, we are heading to a great climax." 750517

Jesus - "My child, many have asked about this Cross without the Corpus. It is a symbol of the suffering that will be allowed to a victim soul. Each man and woman upon earth will now be tested in the days ahead. Many in their blindness, My children, do not recognize the days in which they are living...
"My Houses upon earth - churches - will undergo a great trial. It will be truly a test of Faith. Many of My shepherds have given themselves to the world of the flesh and Satan.
"My Mother has gone throughout your world with a warning from the Eternal Father for mankind. She has met with much resistance because the hearts of many are hardened and their hearts are blinded to the truth.
"My Mother extended to you the Way. You cannot leave this Way and seek another for you are fast then going into the darkness." 750605

"The ways of modernism and humanism, are the ways of Satan! You have been warned in the past and you are being warned now! You are leading your lives in error! A great delusion has been set upon mankind to test our sheep! All that is rotten will fall to Satan! A House in darkness - a Church in darkness - wears a band of death about it." 750618

"Parents prepare your household! Are you ready for the test?" 750715

St. Theresa: "The road to the eternal kingdom is a narrow road, and when you leave it, My children, it is difficult to return. You must now wait and watch in the days ahead. My Mother has directed you well; She has prepared you for this future which is now. All who are of well spirit will go through these times with much hope, perseverance, and fortitude in the knowledge that the victory is with Heaven. It is a testing of mankind. The sheep shall be separated from the goats." 750927

Piety, Chastity, and Good Works.
Our Lady - "My child, you are looking upon the sea of martyrs. All whom you observe now have been tested and found true upon earth. All who wish to join them in their future lives must use their example of piety, chastity, and good works." 751101

"I, Michael, Guardian of the Faith - Guardian of the House of God - admonish all pastors to prepare and make ready for the test." 751224

"My child, We have allowed you to go through a crucible of suffering. You are, as a human being, under constant test and trial. My Son and I in Our discourse with you, My child, have told you countless times that your road ahead in your earthly existence shall not be all roses, but you must receive the thorns.
"I have a simple lesson to give to all mankind at this time, My child. It is, as We know, charity among mankind. All works and all acts of sacrifice, have they a value when they are not covered by charity? And what is charity, My children? When you come across lives that have been darkened by sin and evil, you must not become smug; you must not feel secure in your own piety and graces given to you, but you must feel a sadness of heart for those who have fallen into the darkness. You must not judge, for the Eternal Father has the only key to an individual heart." 760318

Jesus: "I have set the Angel "Exterminatus" upon you. All who are of well spirit shall go through these trials knowing the reason for this test.
"You cannot, you must not condone sin; you shall not rationalize sin until sin has become a way of life among you. It shall be brother against brother and sister against sister. Nation shall rise up against nation. There shall be disturbances of nature of such great magnitude that many lives shall be lost! You will be forced to your knees, and only then, in this time of great trial, will you turn back and look for the Light." 760417

Jesus: "I bless you all, My children, and send among you the Paraclete. You will keep a constant vigilance of prayer and pray for your Bishops who now will enter upon a great test. Satan will sit among them in your city of Philadelphia. Therefore you will all gather to them with your prayers and acts of penance for you must balance the scale for them and not bring additional suffering to the hearts of My Mother and the saints in Heaven who cry out for just punishment upon a deceitful and destructive mankind." 760624

Jesus: "My Mother has cautioned the pastors in My houses upon earth to remove themselves from this octopus of evil that is spreading fast throughout your world, the diabolical plan of satan to destroy My Church. But I say unto you: he is only permitted this reign of evil for the separation of the sheep from the goats. It is a manner known only to the Father in His plan, the Father in Heaven - a manner in which those who have given themselves to evil shall continue and fast fling themselves into the abyss. It is a test of faith for all. You cannot compromise My Church; you cannot compromise your faith, for you will be lukewarm, and as such, I do not know you, and I will not know you when you come for your judgment." 761101

"Do not make a mockery of the Sacraments in My Son's House. Do not blaspheme in My Son's House. My children, you will bring the wrath of God upon you.
"My child, there are others who will join you in the balance of this present year to do atonement, to be accepted as ransom for the bishop in Rome. He, My child, is destined for hell. He will only be saved and given an extension of time through the victim souls who will give themselves for his salvation. Yes, My child, they have already been chosen by Heaven for the test. Watch, My child; they will be made known to you." 761207

The Armageddon Is Here
"Understand, My children, that there will be scoffers who will set in motion plans to deceive the nations. Understand, My children, that you are living in the days of trial and the days spoken of by the prophets. The Armageddon is here. 666 is here. All manners of evil so foul that no human mind could have conceived them have been set loose upon earth. The very bowels of hell have opened up and spewed forth demons of great strength, demons set loose upon the earth such as have never entered upon the earth before. It is a war, a war that will test the faith of all." 761228

Many have entered to destroy
"My children, a Church in darkness wears a band of death about it. All that is rotten shall fall. The world's peoples and My Son's hierarchy are being tested. Too long has man used My Son's Church to deceive, for many have entered not in good spirit but to destroy. And now their fruits are being noticed, as they came from bad seed." 770402

"My child, you have this evening faced a great test. Know, My child, that it will be only a straight road to Heaven. In charity, you will counsel, but you must also, My child, admonish the wrongdoer. The father of all liars is satan, and satan has many faces, My child. I know you will learn by your experience. Know, My child, the Eternal Father does protect you, but you must also make some decisions upon your own." 770409

"I give you, My children, great heart in the knowledge that you are being tested. All who remain in the Light will have nothing to fear, for fear is actually a part of satan's plan. I give you counsel of what is to be, not to place fear in your hearts, but to prepare you for what lies ahead." 770514

82 - The Year Of The Countdown
"My children, as I told you in the past, you will all be tested. All that is rotten shall fall and be cast aside; the wheat shall be separated from the chaff, the sheep from the goats. All will be tested in the days ahead. I gave you the year '82' for reason. I will call it the year of the countdown, the year of the countdown, My children." 770604

"My children, I have often counseled you to recognize the ways of satan among you. He will enter by means of persons, places and things. All upon the earth is now at his command. I have given you, My children, through visits upon your earth, through countless earth - years of visits, your weapons to use in this battle against the dark spirits. Satan has full control of earth now, and all of the children of God will undergo a great test. The rulers of evil shall multiply in the days ahead. Sin shall multiply, and hearts will be filled with murder, covetousness, fornication and all manner of foul deeds." 770618

"My children, as you pass through the great crucible of suffering that will soon be set upon the nations, you will all be tested. The wheat shall be separated, the kernels from the chaff; the sheep shall be separated from the goats. My children, you cannot, in your human nature, understand the ways of the Eternal Father. He is a merciful God, but in His mercy He has reasoning for the separation." 770715

Test the Spirits
"There will be seen among mankind many prodigies, My children, many supernatural manifestations. You will test the spirits.
"Do not underestimate, My children, the power of satan and his fallen angels and those who he has won to bring his rule upon earth now. Do not underestimate their power, for it is great. However, no power is greater than the Creator. The Eternal Father permits much that man cannot understand to happen for the greater glory of God and for the redemption of mankind." 770805

"My armies, the blue armies from Heaven, are gathering throughout the world. My children, have great perseverance and courage in the knowledge that the victory, the ultimate victory, will be with My Son and the armies from Heaven. You are all now undergoing a great test." 770907

Jesus: "My children, keep a fortress of faith in your hearts and the hearts of your children. Guard them well and you will go through this crucible of suffering. It is only because man has turned from the Eternal Father that this has been allowed to come upon him. Now the test will be like placing metals in the fires. All will be tested." 770913

"My children, I have promised you in the past, and I still promise you, that peace shall be restored. But you are now going through a time of trial and testing. You must recognize now the signs of your times. You are not blinded if you have followed Our counsel." 770928

Jesus - "My child and My children, I do not have to, at this time, enlarge upon My Mother's counsel to you. For many earth - years you have been warned of the approach of these days. Because your generation has fallen into a way of life that is not akin to Heaven's plan, the forces of hell have been loosed now; and every man, woman and child will be put to the test in the days to come." 771001

"You cannot at this time walk a middle course, for if you become lukewarm you shall fall. This, My child, is what will be: in darkness do they seek the way?
"The end is not as far as you can see;
Already there is apostasy.
Man cast his lot and gathered the coals
To stoke the fires that burn the souls.
The days are numbered, the hours are few;
So work and pray and try to do
The work that's given in the Light
Until that sad time when all is night."
My children, much is given in riddle or parable to you for a reason. There is a war now advancing, far greater than any physical war fought by man in the past. It is a war of the spirits." 771006

"My children, there are only two forces now upon earth - good and evil, light and darkness. You are now being tested, and you must now make your choice. Which side shall you join - the road that leads to eternal damnation, the road of darkness of spirit, or will you walk the road to Heaven, the road filled with Light?" 771101

Jesus: "You must recognize the supernatural or you will be lost. There is a war now going on, a war far worse than any human war of the nations ever seen before, and never to see again at its conclusion. It is truly the battle of the spirits, the forces of Light against the forces of darkness. My children, you are all being tested: of free will, will you make your decision. No man shall fall into hell unless he wills himself there." 771119

"Spiritual darkness covers your world now. The test is here, My children. It is the time of trial for mankind, the separation of the sheep from the goats.
"Do not be affrighted, My child and My children, at this knowledge. No man or woman or child has ever fallen into hell unless of his own free will. The way to Heaven is a straight and narrow road, My children. Once you leave, it is most difficult to return. Remember, My children, many of you who leave the road will expect to come back in time, but I know that many shall not be given the second chance." 771207

"There are many armies from Heaven now forming throughout your earth, My child and My children. It is the time of test for all. There will be a gradual separation of the sheep from the goats. Every man and woman, and child of conscionable age, shall be held accountable for his actions in these days, My children, these latter days. "I must give you counsel on the state of your country as the evil forces gather for a major onslaught.
The monster (the occult) lay hidden in the guise of secret societies "Man in his arrogance, in his turning from the Light, is now allowing a monster to develop in your country, My child, and many countries throughout your world. For many years this monster lay hidden in the guise of secret societies. My child and My children, the occult must be removed from your country! Neither shall it be condoned by your leaders, nor the parents permit this evil in your school system and medias!
Your children are being programmed to kill! Your children will be unrecognizable if you as parents do not act to stop this evil! "Satan has an advantage, My children. He has convinced many that he is a myth. How clever he has been in his operation, My children! "There is a time, My child and My children, when a little fear and caution is healthy. Fear, major fears are a tool of the devil himself, but you cannot be arrogant or prideful: you must be prudent also." 771231

St. Joseph - "My child, and children of the world, it is not often that I choose, through the direction of the Eternal Father, to come forward and speak to you, but your world now is passing through a crisis. You must all recognize the test that is being placed upon mankind." 780315

You do not test the spirits well
Jesus: "Warnings have been given through countless earth-years. My Mother has wandered to and fro using voice boxes to carry Her directions from Heaven to the world. Confusion will be set upon many because you do not test the spirits well. Remember, My children, there are many false prophets now in the world. By their fruits shall they be known." 780325

"Retain everything you can, My children, in this battle against the forces of evil. You will need all of your armor, I assure you. Many of you will test this and find to your great sorrow that you have fallen into the web of satan. Once you leave the narrow road it's most difficult, My children, to return. It will often mean a great sacrifice of life to many to return as martyrs." 780401

Jesus: "The Spirit of Light and Life will come down to aid you in the battle ahead. You must all open your hearts. Keep your eyes cast always upward to Heaven, for many signs and manifestations shall be given in the days ahead. However, you must test the spirits, for this is a game, a war far deadlier than any human war placed upon mankind. It is a war of the spirit world.
"My children, you must understand, in order to deceive you, satan has set among you in human form teachers who will take from you the knowledge of the supernatural. Being of the spirit world which is unknown in sight to the human eye, you must understand that he, satan, and his legions of demons loosed onto earth now from hell, must remain hidden to advance in their dastardly work." 780520

"My children, many are now waiting to enter Heaven having spent many earth-years in purgatory. It is a place of purging. My children, accept your sufferings for your Faith upon earth, and you will escape a long duration of purging in purgatory. Many shall be put to the test, My children, for it is the day of the gathering of the saints, the latter-day saints." 780530

Jesus: "Satan has control now of all the medias upon earth. He has entered into the highest places of My Church. He has entered his agents now into the governments of the world, the strategic points for command of humankind.
"Remember, My children, the victory, the final victory shall be with Heaven. It is a time of testing for all mankind, and as you are given a free will of choice, the choice, My children, shall be yours to make." 780610

"Already satan is working his way into your consciousness, seeking to take over your minds. He is now promoting false miracles. Those you call flying saucers are images from hell. My children, if you reject the knowledge of the supernatural, you are now playing right into his hands. While he remains hidden among you, he can go about and, like a ravenous wolf, gobble up My children as they fall from grace.
"Do not laugh or mock this message, My children. I speak to you with common words that you may understand the crucial times that now approach you. It will be a time of testing for all mankind. Every single individual of an age with conscience shall be tested." 780618

"My children, understand: it is a great test for all mankind. You who have been given the knowledge of what is happening now upon earth must go forward as apostles, disciples of My Son, and pass this knowledge on to all. If you are too concerned of your own pride and personal comforts, My children, you will not be able to work as an apostle and disciple. It must be a full dedication in the spirit." 780715

"Many prodigies, many miracles shall be performed upon earth, but watch well, My children, and pray upon them, for there are now many false prophets loosed upon earth. There will be many manifestations in the air and on land, but many of these shall come from the prince of darkness in the power he now retains. Test the spirits well and pray." 780725

"In these days, My children, many manifestations will take place. You will test the spirits, for you are living now in the days of the war of the spirits. Lucifer has great knowledge of the supernatural, so you will test the spirits." 780805

"For all those, My children, who have been given the Light, much is expected of them. Please, My children, hasten to go forward with the Message from Heaven. There is no time to lose. My Son will provide you with many arms to reach each and every soul before the great test, a crucible of suffering, shall be set upon mankind." 780814

Jesus - "My child, I realize the great strain upon your physical body this past week. I do not intend to tax you any farther with a long discourse on the state and events of Rome. I must warn you though that you must listen and obey completely the directive of My Mother for silence in certain areas of the Message. It is, My child, for your protection. You must not seek to question any of this directive. It is a great test of patience for you, My child, to be silent.
"I must admonish all bishops and cardinals that, again, without prayer and determined efforts for penance, their minds will remain clouded. Their involvement in the world of satan will make them fair game for his plan, the plan of Lucifer, to capture the seat of Peter. Already the next one has been chosen." 781006

"Listen well, My children, and understand that I ask you to remove all diabolical musical recordings from your homes. Your children are bringing demons into your homes because at the time that these records were produced, called 'rock', 'hard rock' - they were produced in the temple of satan… consecrated to satan. You do not understand My children, but many of your companies your record companies, are under the control of Wicca the international organization of witches and warlocks. Do not laugh! It is true! Lucifer has given them power over mankind. However, the power is allowed by God the Father in Heaven to test all of mankind." 781125

To test their valor.
"All who seek reform and change will not receive a sanctification from Heaven. Reform and you will die on the vine! My Son is the vine dresser; you are all His children as branches, but you will die on the vine if you conform to the world! O My children, have you had your minds so poisoned by Lucifer that you cannot recognize right from wrong? That you will condone murder? That you no longer know the value of suffering and sacrifice?
"Pray, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer for your priests, Cardinals, Bishops, your clergy, for a great test, a delusion has been set amongst them, to test their valor, to test their holiness, to test their fidelity to My Son's Church! Oh sorrow of sorrows from your Mother's heart, that as We now go throughout your world, can We say that there are one hundred true priests left in My Son's House? Shall He return and find even a flicker of Faith left among His sheep? The shepherds don't carry the Light.
"My children - parents - protect your children. You must now assume a great responsibility for the salvation of your children's souls! Do not expect this to come from Rome, for Rome now is under great attack. 666, satan -Lucifer and his hordes of demons - now are in control of Rome. Heaven will allow now the Bishops, the Cardinals to be tested. The kernels shall be taken from the chaff, and all that is rotten will fall." 790523

The Laity Must Go Forward
"You will all pray for your Holy Father in Rome, Pope John Paul II. There is a devious and diabolical force now trying to tear asunder My Son's Church. The laity must now go forward and save My Son's Church.
"I am with you: as your Mother I will guide you through this battle. The final victory will be with My Son, but you will go forward in this battle of the spirits. It is your test of perseverance, sanctity, valor, and if you succeed in passing through this crisis without discarding your faith - as in test many may or will - you will then receive a well - earned and deserved crown in Heaven.
Obedience Has Been Distorted
"Pray for your clergy. Obedience has been distorted now to make them servants of those who are not true rulers.
"Pray a constant vigilance of prayer in your homes. A FAMILY THAT PRAYS TOGETHER WILL STAY TOGETHER! Without God in your home there will be separation and discord. A home in this fight with Lucifer cannot survive without prayer and dedication to your God." 790618

"My children, I have counseled you in the past that you are now passing through a period of trial and test. It is in this manner that the Eternal Father has planned to separate the sheep from the goats. Will you be lost to Heaven or will you stay with perseverance on the narrow road that leads to the Kingdom of Heaven, eternal joy, peace and happiness.
"O My children, the nation's leaders upon earth are becoming confused and confounded. The cries of peace and brotherhood go throughout the world and yet the world's leaders in secret plan destruction of their brothers." 790609

Jesus - "My child and My children, I will not add upon My Mother's message. My child, I gave you the test to come to the grounds this evening. I will not tax you much farther, My child. My Mother's message shall be conclusive for this evening." 790714

"Lucifer, the agent of hell, the master of deceit, his army, under the name of satan and his ogres, are fully loosed upon your world now. It is a testing ground for all mankind, the separation from the sheep and the goats.
"My children, your nation, the United States, and its neighbors have given themselves over now to a pagan way of life. Recognize the signs of your times. Protect your children: protect your household, for when the tribulation comes upon mankind, will you be prepared? For there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth as more woe is set upon the earth by Lucifer and his agents." 790907

A Plot Against Your Vicar
Our Lady - "My child, at this moment, there is a plot against your Vicar. You ask, My child, 'must this be?' There is a plan for all in Heaven, My child. You will not ask Me further, but you will continue the prayer for your Vicar.
"Remember, My children and My child, I have given fair warning to the world, that if you refused the Message from Heaven, neither caring nor endeavoring to act upon the Message from Heaven, you would be put to great test. Michael, the Guardian of My Son's Church upon earth, must be returned now to his rightful place in My Son's Church and in the hearts of all mankind. The supernatural must not be rejected any longer. Disobedience to your Vicar will not be tolerated by the Eternal Father in matters of faith and morals." 790928

Only A Few Will Be Saved
"Or else, My children, I will say anew; the other course leading to Heaven is a narrow road. Too few find it and remain on it. But only a few will be saved in the final count of the world's population. Are you ready, My children, to stand this test? Have you prepared your children and your families?" 791002

"When you find the need for comfort you will say from your heart, MY JESUS, MY CONFIDENCE!
"Pray, My children, always. Pray for your poor brothers and sisters who are not of blood relationship, but as creations of your God, you are all brothers and sisters upon earth. In your charity extend to all, love and understanding. Do not seek to harm others intentionally. I give you, as your Mother, good counsel, for you will find your Faith and your human needs tested in the days ahead." 791120

"Because of the great strength that they have now gained upon mankind, they will come forward now often in their true form. I have told you in the past, My children, that many so called miracles shall be prevalent upon the earth. But you must test the spirits, for this is as in, you will say, My child and My children, a game similar to chess. It is a game of the wits." 791224

"Already the Eternal Father has marked His own, and the forces of evil under the title of 666 have marked their own. The war of the spirits accelerates. You will soon understand that the Eternal Father has now taken away all restraint, and you will all be now subjected to the great test." 800618

Jesus - "My child and My children, this is a moment of trial for many throughout your earth, and a time of grace for many as they are tested in trial.

The Tribulations Have Started
"Remember always as I repeat to you that God is, God was, God always will be. Yesterday, today and tomorrow is forever. The tribulations of the world have started, and the course of mankind continues on the road to great trial because your generation has given itself over to all manner of sins of the flesh, that will condemn many to hell." 801002

"You will have now, My child and My children, additional torment and irritation from the followers of 666 and the church of satan. There are many who come as angels of light among you. I have asked all of the immediate workers within the confines of the Circle of Light to confine themselves to their homes, allowing only the entrance of their immediate families and the close workers within the circle for reason! For the souls of whom knock upon your door will be evil. Do not test My words, My children, for the penance is heavy for disobedience to the Eternal Father." 801006

Jesus: "Understand: there is a Heaven, there is a purgatory, and, sadly, Lucifer's kingdom of hell. Man will take this from your minds. In that manner will you fall faster. Therefore, you will continue reading and rereading the counsel of My Mother in the many visits to you upon earth. For soon you will be reduced to praying, and prayers alone; and then your test of faith will come." 810530

"I have asked you all to make atonement to the Eternal Father, to live a life of prayer. You must be in the world, but not of the world. My Son has asked much of many of you who hear My words and will read My counsel. But for those who have received much, much is expected of them. The test is great." 810613

Jesus - "My child and My children, and especially My children of the United States of America, you are surrounded now by reconnaissance planes and, also, you are surrounded by missiles. Know that your world is not safe any longer. This must be told to you, My children, to try to waken you up to the fact that now is the time to pray, that now is the time to do penance. Do not put it off for another day, for many of you shall not see the dawn of that day.

St. Michael Exorcism
"I admonish you all, My children, as the Father in Heaven admonishes you in the Holy Spirit, to do what you can, with your heart and your love of charity, to help others and help them back onto the narrow road. So many have lost their way and are traveling the wide road that leads to hell. Lucifer is upon earth; you understand that his powers are great. That is why you must always test the spirits and say the St. Michael Exorcism when it is possible. When it is not possible, you will say:
'St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray. And do thou, O prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God,
cast into hell satan and all evil spirits who roam now throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.'" 840618

Remain away from other apparition sites
Our Lady - "My child, since others wish to know how I personally feel for the episode that went on here on the sacred grounds only a short time ago, it made Me much unhappy for two major reasons, My child. As I told you in countless earth - years of visitations with you, that you must always test the spirits, and also to remain away from other so - called apparition sites or other seers. I say this to you, My children, because in your anxiety or your anxiousness to find the supernatural, you run to and fro, seeking something that you would never find; for there is much evil upon earth now, and even the good will be deceived by satan and his legion of demons. Yes, My child, I tell you that it was beautifully done to remove a sad situation from the sacred grounds. I want you to remember, as I tell you tonight, that soon you will be confronted with two children. They are young, but they are true seers of Chile. They live, My child, since you ask, outside, in the meadows beyond the city of...
Veronica - Saint Angelo?
Our Lady - "No, Santiago, My child, Santiago." 850725

Jesus - "And there will be, also, great warfare in Africa - famine and warfare, droughts. O My children, all of these, with wars included, are allowed to come upon you so that you may understand and learn the hard way that there is a God - One who could stop the massacres; One who could stop all the suffering upon earth. However, it is a test for all mankind; for by this test, many shall be cleansed. O My children, My desperate children, I hear your voices coming up to Us, and My Mother sheds tears of pity for you.
"Look, My children, beyond where My Mother is standing; look carefully, and you will see the globe of the world, as it starts to turn."

Russia on the march
Veronica - And now it stops on a massive nation. I see men in uniform, doing what appears to be a goose step - that is the only way I can explain it. And now I see them marching, six abreast, row after row, across nations and countries.
Now Our Lady is motioning to me, and touching Her lips. Our Lady is saying:
Our Lady - "This, My child, is reason for a dirge. For this nation of Russia shall bring much sorrow to the world. In many years past, I begged of you to convert Russia, but, instead, there is a fear of Russia that should not be. There is only one individual to fear in your world, and that could be, My child and My children, the fear of an angry God." 851005

Jesus - "My child and My children, offer this lesson, My child. You, I repeat from what My Mother just told you: you will have to make some decisions yourselves, because on that way of testing, My child - We must test you at all times to help you should you fall out of grace in anger. Anything that is being said with anger shall never be accepted in Heaven." 880618

No special passport
"My child and My children, We have asked you on numerous occasions to pray for the clergy. They do not have a special passport from Heaven. They fight the influence of satan and his agents upon earth, but they need your prayers. You have forgotten them. They need your prayers, I ask of you all to pray for your parish priests. Temptation is great upon them; however, they are being put to the test by the Eternal Father, and all who are rotten will fall." 930618


Veronica: "Intellectual pride is objectively a more formidable barrier to God's graces than is pagan licentiousness. Once this barrier of pride is removed--only through complete self-reversal and great pain--God will plant the seeds, not only of conversion but of sanctity." 710228

"The House of God will be a sanctity of silence and adoration. The House of God will be a place of honor among men. The House of God will not be entered in nakedness." 730805

"Parents hold now a great responsibility for the fall of their children's souls. Many of those chosen to direct these souls have lost their way, and have taken the road of temporal pleasures and seducements of satan. They have given themselves to the world and have lost the road to sanctity and the Father." 731002

"There are many who will condemn you. Accept this in the spirit of mortification, and you will save many souls. There is no need to defend yourself, so you will stop, My child, writing letters.
"You are quite disturbed, My child. No, We are not offended. The road to sanctity is learned by steps. It is only your human nature that makes you seek the plaudits of men. Learn a simple and humble lesson. Should you receive acknowledgment  Heaven is far greater than any man could ever offer. You will remember this, My child, when you give in to your human instincts." 740715

"Every moment of your life is not wasted if you will learn a lesson - a very simple lesson - on the road to sanctity. You will use every moment of your life and give up your hardships as a sacrifice, as a penance, for your soul, or the salvation of other souls." 740928

"The act of marriage blessed by the Father must not be dissolved to suit mankind in his carnal nature and loss of the knowledge of God. What God has joined together no man shall place asunder.
"There is much lacking in the homes on your earth, My children. Piety, sanctity - words that are lost among you. You have chosen to accept the ways of the world and bring them into your homes. You have cast out the images of piety We have given you, the statues and the fonts of pious waters."
Veronica - The holy waters, Our Lady says.
Our Lady - "Replacing them with images of satan and immodesty!"
Veronica - Vulgar statues, Our Lady says.
Our Lady - "Throw them out now! Start anew, My children. You will be forgiven if you repent now. The Father wills that no one of you be lost to satan." 741228

"You are confounded, and deluded. My child, by not recognizing the faces of evil among you. The habit of the cleric has often been soiled because of intellectual pride, My child. Know now, that intellectual pride is a far greater barrier against sanctity - will hinder you from the path of sanctity faster, My children, than outright licentiousness and evil. Intellectual pride is the downfall of many. Pride, My children, is a sin." 750329

"Since mankind refuses to mend his ways, to return to his state of sanctity in My Holy Church throughout the world, there is no other recourse but to send upon mankind chastisements, to return him to the fold.
"I need not repeat now the chastisements planned by the Eternal Father for mankind. I am certain that My Mother, has made this quite clear to you in the past.
"You will now set yourselves onto the narrow road to sanctity by penance and sacrifice and making atonement to the Eternal Father both privately and publicly." 750605

"Your days as a generation have been counted! Your ways have been scrutinized by the Eternal Father and found lacking in sanctity!
"Holiness, dedication of purpose and pure truth must be returned to the Houses of God in your world!" 750715

"If We could approach you in all truth, My children, We would ask you to remove your worldly entrapments and cover yourselves with ashes and sackcloth. Remove all signs of worldliness from your exterior and you will place upon yourselves the garments of sanctity.
"Learn a simple lesson, My child. You will meet with a rejection by many for by rejecting My Message they can place it as far from mind as possible. When one does not wish to accept a truth they try to disprove and sully this truth." 750725

"The teachers in the House of God, will you stand before the Eternal Father and declare that your teachings have been pure in His sight? No, I say unto you, you must now mend your ways, you who have given yourselves to the world of Satan! You must turn now and make amends! Restore My Son's House to a House of sanctity and piety and holiness! You'll gain nothing by uniting My Son's House with the world." 750805

"All manner of fornications and abominations are being committed by mankind! The sanctity of the marriage vow has been defiled and cast aside! You are fornicating like animals!
"You must hasten, My child, to warn the good Sister whom you visited that she must guard her door and bar it well to all who seek to enter to destroy. They come as angels of light with great knowledge but it is a knowledge of the world and not of the Spirit." 750913

St. Theresa - "My sisters, whatever has possessed you to set yourselves upon such a course to perdition? Have you no sense of shame in your attire, exposing your body to lustful eyes? Why have you discarded your protection? What model of purity and sanctity are you when you have become maidens and not brides of Christ?" 751002

Oh! Our Lady is very beautiful. She has on a garment - it's pure white - but there's a golden belt - like tie around Her waist. Our Lady now - Her feet are bare. She has no slippers on. Also, She has a wreath in Her hair. Our Lady looks very tiny -very youth - like.
Our Lady - "My child, you are observing My dress in the Presentation at the Temple. I was very young, and I was taken to the Temple by My parents to preserve My chastity, and sanctity for the future." 751120

Jesus - "I send to My clergy, those whom I have given the grace to represent Heaven upon earth, this warning: You must now return to your traditional rites, you must restore my house from its crumbling exterior and rotting interior. You must rebuild what you seek to destroy now!
"Many who call themselves My chosen ones, have set themselves to destroy from within. Your actions have not gone by unnoticed by the Eternal Father. Errors, deception, deceit, in the guise of sanctity and piousness! You are unmasked before the Eternal Father. You shall start little by little and repair the foundation, or you shall be within and destroyed!" 751122

"I must caution you to bar your doors to all but your immediate family and very close workers. Beware of those who come to you as angels of light with ravenous hearts. Beware of those who wear the garments of sanctity, but they have soiled them by sin." 761224

"All about you now, My children, there is deep darkness of spirit. Holiness, piety, sanctity must be returned to My Son's House, His Church. O men of the cross, when will you come forward and defend My Son? You are recrucifying Him again. His crucifixion is again by His own!" 770210

Stay and Fight
"My children, parents of the young, remember: you have nothing to gain but sorrow if you neglect the rearing of your children in sanctity and holiness. Do not expect to find this holiness in My House now, My children, but do not run away. Stay and fight! Retain My Church! The numbers will be reduced to the few, but better, My children, there is quality of few instead of quantity with nothing." 770514

"As you progress upon your road to sanctity the attacks from satan will become greater. My children, you must never let down your guard, but you must constantly pray a vigilance of prayer. It is sad, My children, that you have been put to this great trial in your mission, but you must learn by it. I repeat: You will pray for your brothers and sisters in Canada." 770604

Jesus: "Charity has grown cold in the hearts of most. And those who profess a vocation in the clergy have become neither lukewarm nor active, but they go downstream to their destruction like ducks, neither caring whether the abominations destroy souls in My House. They call forth the heavy hand of the Father upon them! All manners of violations to all humanness and dignity is taking place even within the portals of My Church -violations against sanctity." 771006

"The children of Light shall go forward with great perseverance, knowing that they will carry a heavy cross. For no man shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless he picks up his cross and follows My Son. The road shall not be an easy one, My children. It will be filled with thorns amid the roses. However, as you progress in sanctity, you will find, My children, that you will relish this opportunity through suffering to gain graces that may be applied to the salvation of another soul. When many graces are given to a human being much is expected of him." 780503

"Remember, My child and My children, no matter what course you proceed upon, if you do not have charity for your neighbor, you have stopped in your progress to sanctity." 780520

"You will all make your homes a fortress of sanctity. Retain the Faith in your homes and in the hearts of your children. We place a heavy burden upon parents now, but by far, My children, this burden shall be lightened for many, to their joy. But many shall receive a far sadder burden in the near future!" 780610

Jesus: "Remember this, O pastors in My Church, pride is a great barrier against sanctity. Pride shall destroy you! You must return by a simple rule. You must become humble, pious, seeking God and not the ways of man. You must return, My pastors, to a life of prayer." 790523

"I have given a procedure from the beginning of the Book of life and through to the end. You must follow fully the procedure. My Church will not be subdued though it goes through great trial now.
"I do not want you to leave your parish churches. I want you and counsel you as your God to remain! If you have any dispute, I ask you for the preservation of your salvation upon earth, to not cast aside the role of the priesthood as given through the Apostles, My followers.
"Peter was MY first Pope and your first Pope, and as all others who followed him, they must be accepted be they weak or noble, be they with sanctity or unholiness. They must be accepted and followed.
"My children, you must always remember: you may despise the sin, but you must love the sinner. For grace is a special gift from your God, and without it each and everyone of you are capable to fall!" 790609

"I am with you: as your Mother I will guide you through this battle. The final victory will be with My Son, but you will go forward in this battle of the spirits. It is your test of perseverance, sanctity, valor, and if you succeed in passing through this crisis without discarding your faith - as in test many may or will - you will then receive a well - earned and deserved crown in Heaven." 790618

St. Theresa -"Our Mother has traveled and grows tired. My heart is bleeding for Her. For She has suffered much for all of God's children upon earth, seeing coming over the veil all of the little babies, murdered before they complete testimony for their God, the Eternal Father. Life has become rejected because the Light is dim upon your world; the Light of sanctity, holiness, and piety. Chastity and charity have been cast aside." 791002

"You have been given, My children, many graces through your sacramentals; graces for cures, graces for conversions. Many of you shall experience a supernatural manifestation for your edification and strength. But do not become prideful, for pride is a true barrier, a more formidable barrier against holiness and sanctity than even outright licentiousness!" 791006

"Man has the balance, man has been given in free will the balance for his own fall, or restoration of a nation to its former glory under God. Like rodents, the enemies of your God have eaten away at the Foundation of the Faith. But in short time they will be destroyed, and a new House will rise, a Church stronger in faith, and sanctity and holiness. But this cannot, My children, take place until a great Chastisement is set upon mankind." 810618

"Pride is a sin, and a more formidable barrier against sanctity and holiness. And that title, My children and My child, has been accepted by many of your bishops, not just in the United States, not just in Canada, but throughout the whole world.
"Man will fall from pride and arrogance, and fall into the clutches of satan. Is this what you want? Please, My children, have pity on your brothers and pray for them.
"All Heaven is alerted to the days ahead. 666 is among you in full force, so you must wear your sacramentals and protect your children from the forces of evil when they leave your homes. You must teach them at home the truth of your Bible and the prayers that are being lost to mankind." 830521

Jesus: Great heat to Come soon
"My Mother has directed you well through this stage of man's progressing towards sanctity. However, you must remember this: words were given, and actions have taken place. Our Lady told you several years ago that there would be great floods, and there were great floods; that there would be a great heat, and that will come soon; and after that there will be a great plague. You had a plague now, My children - two diseases unknown in cure for mankind. Did not My Mother, pass along to you that knowledge that there would be diseases that your scientists will not be able to explain nor stop? They will find not cure for it." 830618

The Eagle

Isaias Chapter 40: 31

But they that hope in the Lord shall renew their strength,
they shall take wings as eagles,
they shall run and not be weary,
they shall walk and not faint.

Jesus: "Man must learn to humble his spirit. His excessive luxuries are destroying his spirit. The arrogance of man in his intellectual life has made him build his nest in the sky, but I will fling the eagle from his nest!" 720201

Veronica: "And,  now there's a very large cross in the left side of the sky. Now the cross is very black, and it's floating now. Oh, now I see it's floating on to the top of a large cathedral. Oh, it's St. Peter's. Now, also, over the cross, there's an eagle. The eagle is very black; it doesn't look very nice. It looks like death, I don't know." 730325

Veronica: "And above it now I see a large light. It seems to be coming from the trees, and hitting onto the eagle of the flagpole. And in the light... in the light, there is a sword, a very large sword in the sky.  And next to the sword, there is an hourglass. The hourglass is covering the whole sky. Oh, but the hourglass looks like it's filled with blood. Not sand, but blood. And it's dripping into the hourglass... slowly, drop by drop. And above the hourglass now, there's appearing a large chalice, a golden chalice." 730701

W  H  A  T    I S   T O   B E.

"Now there is a hand pointing up, a hand pointing up far above the globe. And now the finger is pointing and starting to write across the sky:
"GOD" G - O - D and a large letter I, "IS" "GOD IS"
Now the hand is pointing way over to the right side of the flagpole by the trees. Now there... it's the finger of the hand is pointing, and it's starting to write again:
"WARNING"  W - A - R - N - I - N - G  "TO MANKIND SOON"  S - O - O -N.
Now I see an eagle, a very large eagle in the sky; and over the eagle is written,
"UNITED STATES", and under the eagle is written, "NEW YORK." 730715

Veronica: "Now in the black cloud is also that letter again, "W". "W" and there's small writing underneath. Underneath it's - it looks like a picture. It is; It's of an eagle. The "W" is over the eagle. It's the eagle, it's just sitting there, very peaceful looking. But the eagle, his feathers are very kind of torn. It looks like it's been pulled apart." 730821

Veronica: "By the eagle, over the eagle..., there's a large skull. The skull looks like death. Now, over to the left side, the ball is floating upward. The cross has disappeared, and the ball now is all black." 730913

Veronica: "And over to the right side of the flagpole, there's a huge hourglass, a huge hourglass, and there're no sands left in the upper half. And over to the left side, I see a pendulum, and it's swinging back and forth... back and forth. And above the flagpole is a large, round ball that's starting to spin faster and faster and faster! It is rotating, and it's a tremendous size! Tremendous! And it's going very fast about the eagle..., I see a ball... , it's tremendous! Oh, and it's shooting out behind it vapors and gases. Oh, it's a most frightening sight. Oh!" 731002

Veronica: "I see, the sky is growing very, very dark. But now there's a bright light over to the left side of the flagpole. The sky is becoming very bright. And now as I watch, there's a ball. This ball is traveling very fast. It's small, but it's growing larger. As it heads toward the top of the flagpole, almost hitting the eagle...! It's very large. The ball covers the whole sky." 731006

Veronica: "Now Jesus is pointing over to the flagpole. Oh, now instead of the, that bird, the eagle on the flagpole, there appears to be a round ball with a cross on the top now. It's a large round ball with a cross on the top. And Jesus is nodding His head." 731231

Veronica: "Now there is a great light coming down and I see this bird gliding across the sky, over across the eagle. Now it's growing very dark, and the bird is just going into the sky. It is very dark."  740313

Our Lady: "The agents of Satan have gained control in the major media of your country. The great eagle has been plucked. It will not rise again unless a major miracle of return to the Father, return to the Faith, is accomplished." 740907

Veronica: "Now across the sky, centered by the eagle, is a great heart. It's just a tremendous heart, formed in the sky, with the eagle in the center of it."
Our Lady - "The eagle, My child, does not only represent your country as a symbol, but remember St. John.
"Why do I say, remember St. John? Because he rose high, soaring like the eagle in his writings of the Father. He gave you the truth. Read what he has written in the Book of love and life and you will know the path that lies ahead of mankind. He did not write in error. He wrote in the spirit of truth. St. John - read the Revelations in the Apocalypse." 740928

Our Lady: "The eagle, the beautiful country that I have placed under My protection, the eagle has been plucked by satan. The Father has given you over to a reprobate sense. You defile your bodies among yourselves. Immodesty! Immorality! You lower yourselves to the rank of the animals! The animals were created by the Father beneath man! But now you grovel like the serpents!" 741101

Our Lady: "The eagle, your country, has fallen to satan. You must pray a constant vigilance of prayer. Your country will send itself into bondage. Satan shall rule in your leaders, all because you reject My Son! Already Our sheep wander. Whoever will go forward and gather Our lost little ones?" 741123

Veronica: "And now I see above it, a huge black bird. Oh, it's not a nice - looking bird. It's not like the eagle. It looks like a vulture or something with its wings spread. And now the vulture is getting ready to fly. Oh, my goodness, and it's heading to do war with the eagle, the eagle that has no strength. It has been plucked by satan.  It looks like there isn't a feather left on the eagle. It's a sad - looking sight." 750322

Jesus: "I say unto you, O pastors; restore My House to its former glory. Eliminate your experimentation. Like the eagle, you shall build your nest in the sky, and I shall send you down." 761207

Veronica: "Now over on the right side, the left side of Pope Paul, the sky is getting brighter. And there's a huge eagle now forming in the sky, coming out from back in the sky. And the eagle is almost black in appearance. And there's a voice shouting, like a screeching sound: "Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth! Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth!" 761228

Our Lady: "Parents must have firm discipline in the home. Parents must supervise the teaching of their children. The forces of evil are gathering fast to the eagle." 770805

The illustrious eagle has fallen
Our Lady: "Parents, I counsel you and warn you again as parents that you will now have sole ownership for the redemption of your child's soul; and if you fail in your obligation as a Christian mother and a Christian father to your children, you will shed bitter tears when you know they are gone before your eyes, cut down in the bloom of their youth by the enemies of God - and there are many now in your country. America the beautiful has fallen to satan. The eagle, the illustrious eagle, has fallen to satan, plucked by sin and corruption from within!" 770907

Our Lady: "Your country, the eagle, has fallen and been plucked by satan. The great bird no longer flies high. No, I say unto you: because of your immorality, your materialistic seeking, your scientific pursuits to out do the Eternal Father in His plan for mankind, you bring upon yourselves great trial and punishment." 771119

Our Lady: "I cry to you, My children that immorality is the gauge, the measuring point for the fall of a nation. Your country, My children the United States, has fallen to satan. The great eagle has been plucked by sin. Corruption has entered into the highest places of your government and in My Son's Church. I say unto you, and I say this with counsel from high, the Lord high God in Heaven, the Father of all creation, that as you sow so shall you reap!" 771231

Veronica: "Off by Our Lady now, over on the left side, its so big I'm sure everyone can see it-- there is a large white ball with a cross upon it, a very large ball. It does look like the world; it's just the size of the world. And I see no outline on it, but there's a cross, a big white cross sitting upon it. Oh! Now the cross is disappearing, and in its place on top of the globe there's an eagle with its wings outspread-- a bald eagle. That must be the United States. 780503

"Woe to you, O mankind, for the eagle shall gather where the bodies lie. Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth!" 780527

Our Lady: "I hear all cries of peace, peace and security, going throughout your world, My children. But there is no peace, there is no security. And your country, the United States of America, the great eagle has been plucked by satan and his agents. You see lying now before you a majestic eagle, the once proud symbol of America, fallen because of paganism and sin." 790526

Our Lady: "Your country, with the symbol of the Eagle - the proud bald Eagle, so pure and white, has been plucked! It is but a skeleton of its former glory, slowly starved of the light." 790928

Our Lady: "Your nation, the United States of America, has been now - the proud eagle has been plucked by satan; and as such shall be cleansed by trial and suffering and war. Humanism and modernism has set you on the road to satanism. Your country and many countries of the world now have adopted the worship of false idols." 800618

Our Lady - "Terror shall grip the nation. I have tried to warn you, My children, that the United States is as like the eagle plucked bare by its enemies, plucked bare by misrepresentation, plucked bare by sin. Your country is very sick, My children." 830326

Our Lady: "My child and My children, your country is now in a terrible state. As I gave you the photograph with the plucked eagle, you can well imagine that the eagle, representing the United States, looks like it has drawn its last breath." 830618

Second last public message:
The Eagle and the Owl

[Veronica understood it to be angelic]
 "The owl have eyes fore and aft, ever watching the eagle. When the world cries peace, then shall he strike."

The Eagle and the Owl

Veronica: "...Well then She disappeared and in Her place so life-like, the clearest picture of the whole vision was this bald white eagle. Its feathers were so beautiful and white and it was peacefully sitting there. I guess in the west, I would say. And then, I looked over to the east in area, the other side of eagle, like say the eagle's right side, and oh my goodness there I was almost frightened to death because there was a figure there, like something from the children's "Mad" magazine.

Oh, it was a monster but then as I watched this grotesque looking glob of whatever it was-- monstrous being, I noticed it turned into an owl with two huge outside eyes, and the eyes were staring over at the eagle. And that was the end of the vision." Aug. 68

EXCOMMUNICATE - "It is under the pain of sin and demand from the Father in Heaven of excommunication
all those who enter into the secret societies of the synagogues of Satan - the sons of Satan!" - Our Lady, September 7, 1974

- Veronica-There is a degree of freemasonry that means witchcraft. The person must become Luciferian.... The
individual in the 33rd degree to make himself, prove himself worthy to be a true Luciferian, he must murder another person.... Therefore, to follow Lucifer, these Luciferians insist, to become a 33rd degree Mason, you must follow through in this secret rite and ritual of witchcraft


"What happens to good people when bad things happen to them?
They become better people-- not bitter people! "
- Robert Schuller